Archik is ...

The urban real-estate agency which offers a selection of architectures « fit to live in » or to renovate, hand-picked for their character or their potential.

Our architectures « fit to live » are houses designed by outstanding architects who have imposed their style, flats redesigned by talented interior designers, or just high-end properties. Neoclassical, Art Deco, post-Modern or Contemporary, we are interested in all the architectural trends, provided the rehabilitation is in keeping with the character of the place, and has been archieved with great care.

Our « To renovate » architectures include old factories to be converted into lofts, as well as haussmann flats or town houses of the 1930s to « customize », provided there is a feel and potential about them. Our top priority : aiming at the lovers of the city, its energy and amenities, selecting only urban real-estate. Targeting architecture lovers – aesthetes.


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Archik is also ...

The agency of creation of interior space which, from the proposed surfaces to renovate, will guide you through the conception and achievment of a unique dwelling, which will reflet your lifestyle. A customized itinerary, from the very conception to the completion.

We select the best teams of architects and decorators suited to your projet, who will offer you tailor-made solutions to reach the finest achievments.

With ARCHIK, you will build up your own universe, from A to Z.


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Archik is above all a human adventure

Working with Amandine, a team of aesthetes from different backgrounds, have in common a great interest in architecture and the cityscape.

We will guide you through your purchase project, the layout of your property, and through our town of which we know every nook and cranny !

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A team of interior designers and decorators willing to advice you about the renovation of your estate, from the conception to the tailor-made achievement.


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Nous souhaitons vous offrir le meilleur et développons dans ce sens de nombreux moyens de communication, pour des honoraires fixés à 5% TTC du prix de vente à la charge du vendeur.